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Bosch Power Tool Insider Guide: Decoding Bosch Power Tools Names/Model

Decoding Bosch Power Tools Names/Models

Ever wonder what GBH 2-23 RE or GSB 21-2 RCT stands for?

Did you know that Bosch product codes each have their meaning and interpretation?

Knowing them will aid you in your Bosch product selection process catered to your specific needs!

All Bosch power tools have their own unique model code devised by an alphanumerical system, understanding them can save you lots of time and money in getting the right tool that will deliver and do the job.

Let us now learn more about the names and models; the focus is on professional tools.
Example Model: G BH 2-23 RE
The alphabet above 1 categorizes the tool according to the functional area.

G represents that this product is a professional tool meant for industrial tradesmen and end consumer use.

All professional Bosch power tools are predominantly dark blue in colour.

2 other alphabets to denote the functional area are

P: DIY tools for DIYers, dark green in colour; and A: Outdoor tools or Garden tools, light green in colour.

DIY tools are more commonly used in the Europe and US markets where the materials dealt with are generally softer in nature.

Example Model: G BH 2-23 RE

The alphabets above 2 always consist of 2 letters. It defines the type of tools.

BH represents that this product is a Rotary Hammer.

Below is a list of types of tools:

BM = Drill
SH = Demolition Hammer
DM = Diamond Wheel Cutter
SB = Impact Drill
GS = Straight Grinder
ST = Jigsaw
SR = Screwdriver
WS = Angle Grinder
SA = Sabre Saw
DS = Impact Wrench
RW = Paint Stirrer
KS = Circular Saw
DR = Impact Driver
SM = Bench Grinder
CO = Cut Off Saw
OP = Multi-Cutter
SC = Shear
CM = Mitre Saw
BH = Rotary Hammer
NA = Nibbler
TM = Combination Saw
SG = Foam Cutter
SS = Orbital Sander
BS = Belt Sander
MR = Mini Router
KP = Glue Gun
HO = Planer
EX = Eccentric Sander
BL = Blower
HG = Hot Air Gun
AS = Vacuum Cleaner
For more information about their purpose and usage visit:

Example Model: G BH 2-23 RE
The numbers above 3 represents the crucial technical data partly abbreviated.

Different products have different crucial technical data, more commonly used ones are, weight of hammer (for rotary hammers), maximum concrete drilling (for most drills), power input in Watts, W; and battery voltage in Volts, V and Amperes, A.

As this is a rotary hammer, represent a 2KG hammer. 23 represent 23mm maximum concrete drilling diameter. Note that the maximum drilling diameter differs between materials such as concrete, wood and steel.

Example Model: G BH 2-23 RE

Last but not least, the letters above 4 designate specific characteristics, special feature and function of the tool.

The letters are meant to be interpreted separately.

represents the function of Reverse Rotation. Reverse rotation meant that the tool is capable of rotating in a reverse direction ideal for screw driving.

represents the feature of Electronic Control. Electronic control allows for a 2 speed control of the rotary hammer, High and Low. The variable speed control is essential for the purpose of screw driving; lower speed will give users better control of the tool for screw driving. The letters can have different meanings depending on the type of tool. Below is a list of letters and their meanings:
A = Dust Collection
B = Bow Handle
C = Constant Electronic
D = Rotation Stop
E = Electronic Control
F = Quick Change Chuck, Finder
I = Intelligent Tool
L = Long Shaft
P = Pendulum Action
R = Reverse Rotation
S = SDS System
T = Torque Control
V= Voltage, Vertical, View
X = Hexagonal Shank

In totality, GBH 2-23 RE can be interpreted as “Professional rotary hammer, 2kg, 23mm maximum drilling diameter capable to doing reverse rotation with variable speed control”

Another example, Model: GSB 21-2 RCT
  • G: Professional tool
  • SB: Impact Drill
  • 21: Maximum concrete diameter i.e. 21mm
  • -2: 2 Speed control (high & low)
  • R: Reverse Rotation
  • C: Constant electronic booster (help boost the speed of drilling despite strong pressure against the wall which will slow down drilling)
  • T: Torque control system function

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