Friday, 12 July 2013


If you can have just one saw for all of your wood working and home improvement projects, which saw would you choose? 

Jigsaw is arguably the most versatile saw among all the other saws such as the miter saw, table saw and circular saw. The grand master of cutting shapes, capable of doing straight cuts, curve cuts and even intricate ones on a variety of materials like lumber, plywood, metal, plastics, tile and even leather!

 Why is it so versatile?

The reason lies with the variety of blades to complement the jigsaw. You can almost find the one perfect blade that fits what you want to cut and how you want it to be cut. Every blade has labels which state the material choice and the type of finish depending on certain factors like the thickness of material, efficiency, blade component and its suitability for types of cut (straight, curve, etc.).
Click the image below to find out more and catch Bill from Skil Power Tools in action, gain some valuable knowledge and tips in using the jigsaw. You don't want to miss this!!

Jigsaw is definitely my choice... what's yours!