Sunday, 12 October 2014

Bosch Roadshow 2014

Come down to Bosch Roadshow from 14 to 15 October to enjoy discounted prices, live product demo and many more:

Enjoy great savings on all Bosch Power-tools and gardening tools products, instant lucky dip and live product demonstration.

Prices stated in the flyers are already discounted and if you come down for the roadshow, you will get to discount even more -- ranging from $20 to $50 of discount only available in Bosch Roadshow Cash Sale!

Stay tune to our Facebook for more updates about the event, as well as other Bosch products introduction! :-)


  1. Hi there do you know any best and affordable buy tools online here in the australia

    1. No, but we do sell some of our power-tools here that you might want to check it out: !! :-)

  2. Bosch is very essential power tools. If you are in UK and don't know where to buy it, I am recommending that you check Bosch here.