Thursday, 3 July 2014

BOSCH GSR 1080-2-LI Professional

At an affordable price of S$129, this new BOSCH cordless drill driver definitely does not compromise on quality and is power packed with many features:
  1. Electronic Cell Protection: Protects the Lithium-Ion battery, ensuring a longer life time by offering the following:
    • Protection against overload: The tool is shut down if the battery pack is put under excessive load.
    • Protection against overheating: The electronics intervene and shut down the tool before the battery heats up excessively.
    • Protection against deep discharge: The Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) ensures that the battery is not deeply discharged, therefore protecting it against irreparable damage.
  2. 2-speed gear: Optimizes torque for screw driving and speed for drilling
  3. 15+1 clutch settings: Perfect torque adjustments for precise screw driving
  4. LED light: Effectively illuminates dark work spaces
The GSR 1080-2-LI Professional is definitely a powerful drill and its ability to cover most major applications make this drill a steal at S$129.
Check it out now at our Qoo10 store!

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  2. I love Bosch because they are the only company that does not assemble their tools in China, in Germany but a lot better than the latter. I love this cordless drill and use mine on a very regular basis and believe that Bosch makes some of the best cordless drills ever made

    That's my $0.02, anyways...

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  5. I am not a Bosch fan but a friend who owns a biscuit joiner has it.

  6. I love Makita XJP03Z Cordless Plate Joiner. I am purchase from Drillly. I also love Bosch but Makita is cheaper then Bosch.